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You’ve tried the rest.
You’ve waited long enough.
Everything catches up with you.

And you’re too old,
or too young.
Or you don’t have the money

or you don’t have the time.
Maybe you’re shy, and maybe
you’re just afraid.

How often have you heard it,
have you promised
yourself you’d try

something really different
if you had the chance?
Though you can’t help but wonder

if all those people
know what they’re doing, now
you’re saying it with them:

Eventually everything
catches up with us,
and it starts to show.

We’ve waited all our lives, or as long
as we can remember, whichever
is long enough.

Lawrence RaabThe Rest (via arpeggia)

Just think about it.

While watching yes a k-drama the character said something that actually got me wondering cause the more I think about it, the more it seems to be true. “Its not because the case is already lost before starting that you dont have the right to keep trying” well it is true cuz what the hell is there to stop you other then yourself. Gomaweo Sam Dong ha XD

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